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Blue Ruine
30 August 2007

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crlo on Chilled
very nice! can i have it on my screen saver

Erik on At The Gravel Factory
That's nice!!! Looks like at daylight with that long exposure. Great!

Scott Collins on Colorful Architecture
Nice leading lines and color. Great job.

T-Daddy on Colorful Architecture
Klasse Aufnahme. Wie hast du die Farben so hingebracht.

Michael on Autobahn - Highway
Outstanding image. I love the simplicity.

Michael on The Sluice
Amazing shot!!!

vanouxe on Colorful Architecture
the perspective and choice of colours are very interesting

Brittney on Colorful Architecture
Awesome lighting and color! That is so neat.

Rabbit on Colorful Architecture
a delicious display of repetition and colors!

Paulo Santos on Colorful Architecture
Great work! Nice tones!

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Colorful Architecture

R on Modern Architecture
very nice image , great find

Stefan on Blue Ruine
I like this Picture, wonderful light, great!

Juanra on Lightning Strike
Very nice.

Brian on At The Gravel Factory
BTW--I notice the streaks--are they star trails? Was this a long exposure night shot?

Brian on At The Gravel Factory
Superb industrial photo! I love the composition, the colors and textures, and, of course, that incredible sky!

Cathie et Michel on Sluice Lights - The Other Side
nice shot, beautiful colors

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Sluice Lights - The Other Side
wow...lights like stars!

pedro alexandre on The Sluice
the water came out realy smooth, about the tones orange is the king, nice work.

pedro alexandre on Chilled
nice in this sepia tones maybe the horizon it's a little to the left, like the snow element it composed realy well.

Double KK Photography on The Sluice
very nice night shot

Johnny Soedomo on The Sluice
nice shot

Ian Bramham on The Sluice
The light is truly wonderful. The IQ on your photos generally is some of the very best on AM3 and I've bookmarked ...

Ian Bramham on Lake Constance
I couldn't believe this was a night shot at first - the colours and IQ are truly astonishing! (PS - an image of ...

amy on Chilled
Love the tones... great image!

sandrine on Chilled
Great tones, lovely composition!

Vicki on Chilled
Love the warm colour spilling over this undoubtly chilly scene. Beautiful

Johnny Soedomo on Chilled
nice shot

Josh on Chilled
Almost perfect! Love the color tones you did for this one. Just maybe the horizon, it's a little slanted to the ...

Tse Min on The Other Side

Tse Min on Chilled

Babul Bhatt on Chilled
beautiful shot...did you use long exposure here?

kaddy on Chilled
lovely shot....simply marvelous!!!

Daroru on Chilled
Love the warm colour and the radiant light. Wonderfully crisp.

Silvia on Chilled

pedro alexandre on The Other Side
nice dominance on the long exposure, wonderfull seascape.

Sylvie on Autobahn - Highway
Very nice !

Sylvie on Lake Constance
Very beautiful light !

Antonella.R. on Lake Constance
Nice shot!

Brittney on Lake Constance
Beautiful colors and this!

Julio Pulido on Lake Constance
Que buena luz y composición. Al utilizar esa velocidad tan lenta (602 seconds) las estrellas te han dejado unos ...

Bob! on Lake Constance
Beautiful shot Jo. Hard to believe this isn't the middle of the day, wonderfully captured :)

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Lake Constance
Wonderful, bravo!

Bron on All Lined Up
Good shot

Bron on Autobahn - Highway
Lovely abstract elements

Bron on Lake Constance
A lovely photo - well done Jo!

Brian on Lake Constance
Gorgeous light and color! The textures of the wet rock is lovely.

Aidan Hammond on Lake Constance
nice shot; the tones and reflections in the water are really nice; was this taken at sunset?

M&H on Mercedes Benz Museum
Nicely done ! You can gain a good money from the company !(loll)

lissa on Foggy Night
I like the lighting - very mysterious - lovely black and white

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